We are doctor portal and free booking platform for medical specialist and healthcare service provider in Thailand. Patients can search for medical specialist nearby that they need and booking online with their fingertips. All the profile ,experience and healthcare contents are provided to educate patients to make them assured who is the right one.
No, we don’t perform any treatment service. We are just platform helping you finding the right one who provide the treatment for your better outcome.
Yes, 100% free searching and booking for patients with confidential policy and no additional charge.
We are appreciated for your kindness. ZeekDoc could help all rural patients or tourists finding the nearby medical specialist with worry free. Save time and money to travel finding long-distance hospital. Your friends can find us on Facebook and www.Zeekdoc.com
Firstly, choose the specialist you need. Then choose the subspecialty for your particular need. And pick the time slot that available. Give us your information i.e. name , phone number and reason for visit. Submit you request and Done!
Only you can select the right doctor for your particular needs. That’s why we give you so much information! When you’re choosing a doctor, you should look at his or her professional statement , education, background, and healthcare contents. But if you don’t know which medical specialist is right match for you, choose general practitioner or family doctor first, they could find out and rule out more later.
There will be email or sms or voice call to confirm your appointment with 15 mins. If there seems no feedback please freely drop your request in chat box in the right bottom on www.zeekdoc.com. Our team will support to help you immediately.
Simply sign in to your ZeekDoc account to change your scheduled appointments. But please note that cancelling or rescheduling too many appointments may result in your account being locked, and we’d hate to see that happen! This policy ensures that doctors’ calendars stay accurate and trustworthy for the other patients who depend on them.
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Just sign in to you ZeekDoc account . And find history in your profile.
Absolutlely. Your information is kept confidentially.