Self care when you get sick in Thailand

When you are feeling unwell while travelling in Thailand. We highly suggest you to see the nearest doctor as soon as you can since easy accessibility,reasonable price,and moreover travel insurance could cover the cost. So that you will minimize the severity and fast recover to explore the world in next morning.


Diarrhea, Allergy , Flatulence , could happen when you travel in Thaialnd. So many food looks yummy. So many places are stunning to see. You try to maximize the time enjoying everything until your body is unbearable. You still need to be fast recharge 100% of battery to explore world next morning.

Here is the thing. If you are feeling nothing well because of travel sickness,the fastest way and the best way is seeing the doctor. since you already have travel insurance ,just get the bill and Med Cer then claim it. Dont drag it too long, it's gonna waste your happy and fun time here. Let's travel insurance pay for it. can help you connect to the nearest right specialist wherever you are. 

But if you really have the problem to see the doctor and need self care ,here is the tips.


1. Acute Diarrhea not vomit yet (Book the doctor here)

    Get Ultracarbon to absorb toxin in your stomach  ,drink coke or soft drink mix with salt ( Sugar and salt drink) could be yor mineral water compensate your loss mineral . 

3. Unidentified fever 

Get Thai herb named "Andrographis paniculata" "ฟ้าทะลายโจร" in Thai. WHO approved Virus killer and fever relieve

4. Red eye 

Please see the eye specialist

8. Influenza
Amazing but true that Thai herb named "Andrographis paniculata" "ฟ้าทะลายโจร" in Thai can relieve Influenza 

10. Food poisining